Job opportunities

- Recruitment of Interns. Deadline 1st September 2017 at 14h00 Bujumbura Time (12h00 GMT)

The Heads of State and Government of the International Conference on the Great Lakes Region (ICGLR) Member States have vested important and comprehensive functions regarding the management and maintenance of peace and security in the Great Lakes Region on the Regional Follow-up Mechanism (RFM) of the ICGLR. The Conference Secretariat, as an important element of this Follow-up Mechanism, is tasked with organizing and providing technical services to ensure that the RFM fulfils its peace and security functions in the interest of the Member States.

The main Programmes of ICGLR are: Peace and Security; Democracy and Good Governance; Economic Development and Regional Integration; Humanitarian and Social Issues; Communication; Gender, women and Children; and Cross-cutting Issues. For further information, log on

Upon performing such responsibilities, the Conference Secretariat undertook to develop a short-term supervised work experience Internship Policy for young Great Lakes Region students interested in specific field of study or career aspirations in the Conference Secretariat. The internship programme combines practical work experience with a structured learning experience through specific briefs aimed at achieving identified objectives of the Secretariat.

The Conference Secretariat of the International Conference on the Great Lakes Region plans to engage interested persons for internship in the following areas:

1. Democracy and Good Governance Programme

Position: Governance Intern (2posts)

Required Qualifications: Postgraduate or Masters Students in Political science or International Relations or Governance. Must be fluent both in English and French.

Main Tasks: Assist in analysis/stock taking of existing international, regional and national political dynamics; Assist in identification of possible partners in the area of democracy and good governance; Help in writing of political and ...(click here for more details)