Job opportunities

- Peace and Security Expert. Deadline, 30 May 2019 at 16h00, Bujumbura time (14h00GMT)

The Heads of State and Governments of the IC/GLR Member States have vested important and comprehensive functions regarding the management and maintenance of peace and security in the Great Lakes Region into the Regional Follow-up Mechanism (RFM) of the ICGLR. The Conference Secretariat as an important element of this Follow-up Mechanism is tasked to organize and provide the respective services to ensure that the RFM can fulfil these peace and security functions in the interest of the Member States. 
The objective of the post is to assist the Director of Peace and Security (P&S) in the coordination and implementation of the Peace and Security Program of the ICGLR. In particular the Expert will assist with the coordination, monitoring and reporting of specific projects related to Mediation, Peace Education, DD/RRR, including collaboration with the Gender Directorate and Regional Training Facility on SGBV related to the implementation of the Regional Action Plan on Women, Peace and Security. He/she will further assist the P&S Director in the preparation, follow-up, reporting on meetings, the establishment and maintenance of working relations with other actors and stakeholders, including other international, regional and bilateral organisations (AU, SADC, IGAD, ECCAS, EU, GIZ,, etc.), trends analysis at regional level, and representation of the Director of P&S in meetings related to peace and...(read more)