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- Call for Accreditation of Qualified Auditors in the Framework of the ICGLR Regional Certification Mechanism.


The Regional Certification Mechanism (RCM) forms part of the Regional Initiative to fight against the Illegal Exploitation of Natural Resources as approved by the Declaration of Lusaka of 15 December 2010. Independent third party audits, auditing individual mineral exporters and their supply chains in ICGLR member states form a critical component to verify the compliance of Member State RCM implementation, which has advanced significantly in some Member States.

The ICGLR Secretariat and the ICGLR Audit Committee has established the regional ICGLR third party audit system to ensure the credibility of these implementation steps. Third Party Auditors are to be conducted at each mineral exporter in the region exporting certified minerals, and they shall include a representative sample of...(click here for more details)


English version: Call-for-Accreditation-_-2020

French version: Appel--Accreditation-_-2020