SFRD : Special Fund of Reconstruction and Development

As per Article 21 of the Pact, the ICGLR Heads of State and Government established the Special Fund for Reconstruction and Development in accordance with the Protocol on Specific Reconstruction and Development Zone. The financing of the fund is ensured by mandatory contributions from Member States as well as voluntary contributions from Cooperating and Development Partners.

The SFRD’s objectives are to support the implementation of the ICGLR Protocols and Programs of Action selected in the priority areas of peace and security, democracy and good governance, economic development and regional integration, and humanitarian, social and environmental issues.

The governance and management of the Fund is under the responsibility of a structure designated by the Regional Inter- Ministerial Committee called SFRD Governance Committee on a rotational basis among the Member States for a period of 2 years. The composition of the Governance Committee consist four persons representing the member States; Two persons representing Cooperating and Development Partners; and Deputy Executive Secretary.

The initial funds were hosted and managed by the African Development Bank (AfDB). The signing of the Trust instrument for the administration and management of the SFRD took place on the 10th September 2008  by the then Executive Secretay and the Resident Representative of AfDB resident in Kigali and the bank account was opened on 06th November 2008 with AfDB, in New York, United States.

The International Conference
on the Great Lakes
Region - ICGLR​

For Peace, Security, Stability and Development

The International Conference on the Great Lakes Region - ICGLR

For Peace, Security, Stability and Development