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Advancing Resource Management: Insights from the 27th ICGLR Regional Committee Meeting

The 27th meeting of the ICGLR Regional Committee on the Fight Against the Illegal Exploitation of Natural Resources, scheduled from November 27th to 29th, 2023 in Kampala, Republic of Uganda, marks a significant milestone in enhancing regional resource governance and combating illicit mineral resource exploitation.

The meeting’s principal organizers include the Conference Secretariat, the ICGLR National Coordination Mechanism of the Republic of Uganda, and the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development of Uganda, with the support of the German BMZ, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and IMPACT.

The agenda includes presentations by the 12 Committee Members on the implementation status of National Roadmaps and updates on the Regional Initiative on the Fight Against the Illegal Exploitation of Natural Resources.

The meeting aims to delve into various aspects, such as sharing experiences on mineral value addition, understanding the Analytical Fingerprint (AFP) Project, witnessing the official launch of the ICGLR Certificate by Uganda, and providing recommendations for the way forward based on the status updates. The Republic of Uganda has now officially become the fifth member state to issue the certificate, following the Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, Burundi, and the United Republic of Tanzania.

Anticipated outcomes encompass a deeper understanding of the AFP Project, insights into mineral value addition practices, the Committee’s familiarity with the ICGLR Audit Committee’s functions, and witnessing the symbolic launch of the ICGLR Certificate.

The ICGLR Certificate offers triple benefits to member states, the private sector, and the Great Lakes Region.

The private sector benefits from fair competition, recognition of minerals on the international market, compliance with the US Dodd-Frank Act, and increased regional and international investment in the sector. The ICGLR certificate contributes to the socio-economic development of each country and the Great Lakes Region, the fight against smuggling and fraud, and joint projects among Member States.

In summary, the ICGLR Certificate is a valuable tool promoting transparency, accountability, and sustainable development in the mining sector, benefiting all stakeholders.

The 27th meeting of the ICGLR Regional Committee stands as a pivotal platform to strengthen resource management strategies and combat illegal exploitation. It underscores the collective efforts to address challenges and promote sustainable practices in the Great Lakes Region’s mineral resource sector.

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