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Strengthening the EJVM’s security skills in high-risk areas

As part of the European Union’s support program for the International Conference on the Great Lakes Region, Transition International and MONUSCO’s Security Section jointly organised a training course aimed at building the capacity of the Expanded Joint Verification Mechanism (EJVM). The course took place in Goma from 22-23 November 2023.

This initiative is specifically aimed at improving the safety and security of EJVM staff operating in high-risk areas, particularly in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The Safety and Security in Difficult Field training course was carefully designed to prepare EJVM staff for the real-life challenges encountered during field missions in unstable environments.

A key component of the training was the simulation of authentic field situations, enabling participants to develop appropriate responses to the risks and dangers they may face. This practical approach reinforces their learning by confronting them with realistic scenarios, thereby improving their readiness for critical situations.

The training also placed particular emphasis on first aid skills in hostile environments. Staff were trained in first aid, a vital skill that can save lives in emergencies in the field.

The overall aim of this training was to increase participants’ safety awareness by providing them with the knowledge and skills they need to anticipate, prevent, and respond effectively to a variety of safety incidents that may arise during their missions.

This initiative demonstrates the EJVM’s ongoing commitment to enhancing the safety of its staff and improving their ability to conduct missions in complex, high-risk environments. This will help to ensure safer and more efficient operations, thereby ensuring the sustainability and success of the EJVM’s activities in the Great Lakes Region.

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